Freeswitch Connector

Get a tight integration with your Freeswitch telephony server and leverage the power of odoo. Our module offers an easy and complete phone management solution.

When you install this module, you can:

  • Get access to a detailed list of incoming and outgoing calls straight from your odoo instance
  • Manage your Freeswitch servers
  • Start, Stop and Restart your Freeswitch Servers
  • Monitor the state of your Freeswitch servers
  • Configure your SIP user profiles and link them to your odoo users
  • Setup your working hours to trigger auto response
  • Setup your Freeswitch autoresponse (IVR) audio files straight from odoo
  • Setup your Freeswitch voice mail
  • Access Freeswitch log file
  • Activate automatic call recording for easy monitoring
  • Automatically detect your odoo customer based on their phone number
  • Detailed reporting for your incoming, outgoing, missed and answered calls

We're also working on an upcoming new standalone complimentary application for Desktop Computers which will allow you to:

  • Get instant notifications when receiving new calls
  • Get notifications when Freeswitch server is down

So stay tuned for that one!

Extra Features & Support

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