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... a good experience with a nice team that helds its deadlines ...
CEO, Air & Me - France


... I think I have gained in productivity. ...
CTO, B&W - France


CEO Cutting Edge
... I highly recommend this module ..
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CEO Kleine Fabriek
..switching to's helpdesk module was the best decision we could make.. ..
CEO Kleine Fabriek - Germany

Available for odoo 8, 9, 10 and 11

with more than 1300 downloads

Main Features

  • Create tickets automatically from incoming emails
  • Manage multiple support emails and categories
  • Manage multiple automatic responses, per email and category.
  • Manage an internal Knowledge Base that can be used by your agents to resolve issues
  • Manage predefined responses, to speed up your support process
  • Manage agents and their access rights.
  • Setup response deadlines
  • Transfer tickets between agents in case you have multi level support
  • Send Automatic notifications to your agents when tickets are overdue
  • Attach files to your support responses
  • Assign tickets automatically to agents, depending on their availability and workload
  • Detect the customer automatically upon the receipt of a new ticket
  • Get an overview of your current tickets through the Tray icon
  • Have access to a dashboard that shows you new incoming tickets as well as open tickets
  • Add internal notes to your tickets
  • Access your customer's tickets directly from their profiles
  • Advanced reporting
  • Add Cc and Bcc emails when tou're sending responses
  • Send new ticket notifications to your agents automatically.
  • Get desktop notifications when receiving new tickets
  • Setup a global Bcc to receive all incoming tickets which is helpful for monitoring
  • Provide justifications when resolving, transfering or reopning tickets
  • Link tickets to project tasks
  • Link tickets with products
  • Link tickets with sales and purchase orders
  • Manage multiple signatures for each agent
  • Add emails to a blacklist, to fight spam and undesired incoming emails
  • Print specific responses to a PDF file.
  • Merge and unmerge multiple tickets into a single one.
  • Available in English, French, Spanish and German
  • And much more ...

odoo 8 Version

odoo 9 Version

odoo 10 Version

odoo 11 Version

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